Why Precast

Timeless Technology

Types of Precast

Based on the load-bearing
structure, precast systems are

  • Solid Slabs / Solid Walls

  • Half Slabs

  • Insulated / Sandwich Walls

  • Hollowcore Slabs

  • Frame Systems

  • Slab Column Systems With Walls

  • Mixed Systems

  • Large Panel Systems


Which Construction Elements Can Be
Constructed Using Precast?


Why Precast?

Casting Components Under
Factory-controlled Conditions Benefits A Project In Many Ways


Is Precast A Sustainable Solution?

As precast structure is a solid material.


Precast vs. Cast Insitu?

Speed / Time Saving Yes No
Quality Control Yes No
Initial Investment High Less
Weather Effect No Yes
Long Spans Yes No
Formwork / Scaffolding No Yes
Design Flexibility Low High
Finishing At Ease Yes No
Cost Efficient Yes No
Reusable Yes No
Steel Consumption Equal Equal
Easy Installation Yes No
Material Requirement Less High
Construction Joints More Less
Wastage Less High
Labors On Site Less High
Plaster Requirement No High
Dimensional Accuracy High Low
Carbon Emission Less High
Plant & Machinery is Reused For Other Projects Yes No

Safety and Security

A precast structure can increase the safety and security of its occupants:


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